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Screwjack Pedestal – Moulded Grating Pedestal Support System

Where an installation of moulded grating panels needs to be elevated from the ground level, this high quality and versatile Pedestal Support System is available to offer a load bearing and permanent solution.

The acquisition of new working spaces or access routes is one of the many benefits of this system. Valuable spaces may be reclaimed from areas formerly unused by the addition of a raised platform surface above pipes, channels or other obstructions.

Fully adjustable – A screwjack mechanism with integrated spacer tabs allows for vertical adjustment to provide a level platform installation surface raised up from heights of 17mm to 620mm, with millimetre accuracy. Pedestals may also incorporate unique slope adjusters to take care of any issues with uneven surfaces.

Drainage – Also providing uniform joints between adjoining grating panels, the head of the pedestal incorporates four spacer tabs. These ensure desired drainage objectives are met in exterior or wash-down locations, without the need for sloping designs or added drains/grills.

Durable – Manufactured by injection moulding to form a tough, waterproof, highly durable and impact resistant product.


Applications for Screwjack Pedestal Support System include elevated working platforms ideal for wet conditions, walkways and roof walkways.

Manufactured from injection moulded high density polypropylene.

Load bearing capacity of 1000kg.

Footprint 320 cm2.


Available in black

Sizing as follows. Fixed range with optional slope corrector 17mm and 28mm. Adjustable range with optional slope corrector 25-36mm, 35-53mm and 50-78mm. Adjustable range with integrated slope corrector 74-110mm, 100-175mm, 175-285mm, 285-400mm, 355-515mm, 465-625mm, 545-740mm, 645-850mm, 720-960mm, 830-1070mm.

Additional options include spacer tabs, rubber shims, full specifications and performance data for this product range are available, please contact us for further information.

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