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Pultruded GRP Anti-Slip Covered and Gritted Grating

Covered, solid top gratings have a GRP covering board laminated onto the top surface of the bearer bars to form a strong solid walkway product.

Our pultruded GRP grating has a high load-bearing capacity, much greater than moulded grating systems and is ideally suited to installations with greater unsupported spans and even vehicular traffic. A choice of resin types enables the product to withstand the harshest of industrial & commercial environments. Even when exposed to these conditions over extended periods, they require little or no maintenance. These types of gratings have been in service in excess of 20 years with no failures or discernible structural changes noted.

Manufactured by a process of pultrusion, longitudinal fibreglass rovings, multi-directional glass mat reinforcement, thermosetting resins and a synthetic surface veil are all combined to form an extremely strong and corrosion resistant structural section.

These sections, or bearing bars are either ‘I’ or ‘T’ shaped profiles and are assembled and transversely linked with 3-part composite rod sections. They are suitable for both interior or exterior use, coupled with a proven resistance to the effects of chemical corrosion and UV light degradation, they are also fire retardant.

Covered, solid top gratings have an additional 3mm thick GRP covering board laminated onto the top surface of the bearer bars to form an even stronger solid walkway product. The addition of a bonded grit coating, comprising of refined aluminium oxide, adds excellent anti-slip properties & further enhances durability. Load bearing ability is also increased and the surface can be made suitable for pedestrian & vehicular traffic while eliminating the risk of small objects falling between the bars.

The relative light weight of the product makes transport, handling & installation far easier than metallic gratings.

Panels may be manufactured or cut to size before delivery to site for immediate installation, or cut in-situ using diamond tipped tooling and resealed using approved resin top coat.



Colours include white, light grey, dark grey (Type O), yellow, orange (Type V), red (Type P), green (Type I), blue

To Order: all resin types are available in any RAL colour*

Additional options include resin finished highlighted edges, gritted top surface, water jet cutting of intricate & unusual shapes e.g. removable sections for maintenance, full range of fasteners

Full specifications and performance data for this product range are available upon request.

*Note: pultruded gratings are available to order. Please contact us for further information on lead times.

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