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Flex Impact Hand Rail Plus

Hand Rail Plus is a 3 rail system offering a higher level of protection against all types of impact. Utilising a larger post section than the basic Hand rail products, it provides provides a low cost system for use where a physical barrier is required for pedestrian segregation, access prevention or for fall & edge hazard protection.

With a height complying with EU standards the system can be used in a wide variety of locations.

Component parts are manufactured from synthetic polymer using the unique, patented Boplan locking system. This hand rail has excellent aesthetics and is available in a high visibilty yellow option.  Being impervious to most environmental conditions makes it suitable for all internal and external applications in and around workplace or commercial premises.

Hand Rail  Plus will not rust or rot, nor will it ever need painting as the colour is throughout the product and it’s easy to clean.  Should any significant damage ever occur to any components, a modular construction allows for quick, easy & low cost repairs. 

Hand Rail Plus has been designed and developed to comply with relevant safety standards and regulations.


Standard fixings for concrete included.

Applications include all locations where a simple, low cost handrail barrier system is required, increased impact protection, pedestrian segregation and prevention of access to hazardous are.


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