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GRP Gates, Fences and Grilles

Made to order GRP gates, fences and grilles with optional mesh grating in-fill panels.

Suitable for industrial and commercial environments, our GRP gates, fences and grilles provide a safe, maintenance free and cost effective alternative to metal or wooden structures. The comprehensive range of GRP profiles are perfectly suited to fabricate products for interior, exterior and aggressive environments where industrial chemicals or acid/salt air may quickly degrade other structures. Composite structures have displayed proven in-service performance for over 40 years.

A composite gate or fence construction may comprise the following elements structural frame or suspension sections, cross bracing, open mesh in-fill panels or grille inserts, galvanised or stainless steel gate furniture, composite self closing gate hinges, composite/steel lockable latch mechanism, all/floor fixings/fasteners/supports, structural components are available in steel grey or high visibility safety yellow, with green, black & other colours to order. They provide all the advantages of light weight, high strength and durability, coupled with a corrosion resistant, non conductive, fire retardant and maintenance free life.

Through-colour construction and an optional extra-durable polyurethane surface coating for exterior installations will provide an enduring, smart appearance that is highly cost effective when compared to stainless or galvanised steel/iron.


Resin Types Type I

Resin Base Isophthalic Polyester

Industrial grade corrosion resistance. Resin type offers fire retardant to ASTM E84 Class 1 and flame spread index 15 or less. Operating temperature range -50C to 105C.

Suitable for all general industrial environments. Mid concentrations of inorganic acids & alkalis

Constituent profiles are manufactured/tested in accordance with: ISO9001:2008 | EN13706 | EN 13501-1:2007

Applications for Gates, Fences and Grilles include wide span security checkpoint gates for vehicle access, trellis fencing for suburban railway platforms, security palisade type fence systems, waterside grille applications, electrical installations, cold environments, worker access to machinery railway restricted access and platform end applications


Structures & installations made to order to pre-existing plans. Design & 3D drawing service available

Hinge & locking mechanisms, pallisade types, frangible fencing

Available as standard in grey or yellow or to order in any RAL colour*

Applications, environments and traffic

Lockable security gates, trellis style fencing, custom made grilles. Suitable for Internal or external use.

Can be fixed to concrete, masonry, steel & wood

Fixing methods include bolt & rivet fasteners with specialist adhesives

In-situ installation with mechanical or chemical fixings

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