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GRP Gates, Fences and Grilles

Glass Reinforced Polymer GRP gates, fences and grilles provide a safe, maintenance free and cost effective alternative to metal or wooden structures.

Our GRP gates, fences and grilles provide a safe, maintenance-free and cost-effective alternative to metal or wooden structures, they have shown proven in service performance for over 50 years.

Gates & fences provide worker and public safety and security in a wide variety of locations sch as manufacturing, power generation, water treatment works, petro-chemical facilities, marinas, railways and around machinery.

The relative light weight of the product makes transport, handling and installation far easier than metallic products. Structures may be fully or partially assembled prior to delivery for immediate installation, or fabricated in-situ using and resealed using an approved resin top coat.


Applications include wide span security checkpoint gates for vehicle access, trellis fencing for suburban railway platforms, security palisade type fence systems, waterside grille applications, electrical installations, cold environments, worker access to machinery, railway restricted access and platform end applications.


A composite gate or fence construction may comprise the following elements structural frame or suspension sections, cross bracing, open mesh in-fill panels or grille inserts, galvanised or stainless steel gate furniture, composite self closing gate hinges, composite/steel lockable latch mechanism and wall or floor fixings, fasteners and supports.

Structural components are available in steel grey or high visibility safety yellow.

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