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Highly durable Anti-Slip GRP sheets and profiles. Retro-fit to all types of walkway surface.

Evergrip manufacture, import and install a comprehensive range of slip resistant flooring surfaces suitable for all industrial & commercial environments.


High strength, durable and lightweight industrial gratings; providing maintenance free reliability in all environments.

Glass reinforced polymer (GRP) gratings offer an attractive combination of mechanical & physical properties and are a proven, ideal replacement for steel & aluminium gratings.  They are available in a wide variety of structural, chemical & dimensional variants making them suitable for installations in all industrial & commercial environments.


Choice of industrial grade systems; durable, cost effective and maintenance free.

Suitable for all industrial and commercial environments, GRP handrails are used for stairways, walkway & platform handrails and for guarding around machinery. The systems are designed to comply with all relevant standards and provide a versatile, cost effective alternative to metal rails.


A versatile range of GRP pultruded structural sections to standard EN13706 E17 or E23, offering a wealth of construction opportunities.

Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) pultruded sections are light in weight, very strong, maintenance free and suitable for a broad range of applications.  They make an ideal replacement for more traditionally used materials like concrete, steel, aluminium and wood.