Composite Product Range

The composite product range has four categories: Anti-Slip Surfaces, Grating Systems, Hand Rail Systems and Pultruded Sections & Structures.  Each offers a comprehensive selection of GRP products.


Highly durable Anti-Slip GRP sheets and profiles. Retro-fit to all types of walkway surface. Evergrip manufacture, import and install a comprehensive range of products suitable for all industrial & commercial environments.

  • Low Profile - Flat Sheet
  • Low Profile - Cleat
  • Standard Thickness Flat Sheet
  • Stair Tread & Landing Cover
  • Stair Nosing
  • Ladder Rung Cover
  • Plywood Resin Coated Board

Grating Systems

High strength, durable and lightweight industrial gratings; providing maintenance free reliability in all environments. Glass reinforced polymer (GRP) gratings offer an attractive combination of mechanical & physical properties and are a proven, ideal replacement for steel & aluminium gratings. They are available in a wide variety of structural, chemical & dimensional variants making them suitable for installations in all industrial & commercial environments.

  • Moulded - Concave
  • Moulded - Gritted
  • Moulded - Covered & Gritted
  • Moulded - Micromesh
  • Moulded - Special Applications - Conductive & Translucent Types
  • Moulded - Screwjack Pedestal Support System
  • Pultruded - Open
  • Pultruded - Open & Gritted
  • Pultruded - Covered & Gritted

Hand Rail Systems

Choice of industrial grade systems; durable, cost effective and maintenance free. Suitable for all industrial and commercial environments, GRP handrails are used for stairways, walkway & platform handrails and for guarding around machinery. The systems are designed to comply with all relevant standards and provide a versatile, cost effective alternative to metal rails.

  • Round Section
  • Profiled Top Square Section

Pultruded Sections & Structures

A versatile range of Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) pultruded structural sections to standard EN13706 E17 or E23, offering a wealth of construction opportunities.  GRP pultruded sections are light in weight, very strong, maintenance free and suitable for a broad range of applications. They make an ideal replacement for traditionally used materials e.g. concrete, steel, aluminium and wood.

  • Platforms
  • Fixed Access Ladders
  • Gates Fences & Grilles
  • Pultruded Sections
  • Stairs

Tactile Paving

Surface mounted tactile paving provides guidance & warning for visually impaired persons. The Department for Transport and Building Regulations place requirements on local authorities and duty holders to provide tactile guidance/warning surfaces for visually impaired persons in public areas and access to buildings & transport facilities. Surface mounted tactile paving systems offer significant advantages over concrete materials in both longevity and cost of installation. They provide a fast, easy and economical solution to achieve compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

  • Blister Pedestrian Crossing
  • Blister Platform Edge Off Street
  • Corduroy
  • Guidance Path
  • Shared Cycle Track
  • Epoxy Adhesive
  • Polyurethane Adhesive

Railway Systems

A comprehensive range of rapid fit, durable solutions for improvement & refurbishment across the railway infrastructure. Meeting the varied demands placed from many parts of the railway infrastructure is a significant sector of our business. Products and materials need to be carefully designed & selected to offer safety, durability, long life and cost efficiency.

  • Everdeck Panels
  • Overlay Panels
  • Trestle System
  • Platform Repair Boards
  • Overline Bridge Steps & Walkways
  • Access Platforms & Ramps
  • Handrail Systems
  • Gated Access Steps
  • Through Colour Nosing Tread Covers
  • Catch Pit Covers
  • GRP Ballast Panels / Boards
  • Tactile Paving

Flex Impact

An extremely tough, multi-product flexible barrier system offering all-round protection of people & assets. Flex Impact offers a comprehensive range of innovative flexible barrier products suitable for all industrial and commercial environments. A wide variety of applications are possible, from the segregation of pedestrians and vehicular traffic to the protection of storage or machinery assets from accidental impact damage.

  • Handrail HD Light & HD Mezza
  • Handrail HP Plus  
  • Traffic Barrier TB 200, 400 & 550
  • Traffic Barrier Plus
  • Traffic Barrier Multi Rail - TB Double, Double Super & Triple Super
  • Traffic Barrier TB Mini
  • Bollard
  • Goal Post 
  • Rack Protector RP
  • Rack End Protector RE
  • Column Protection: KP Protector & KP Universal
  • Corner Protector CP
  • Swing Gate & Sliding Gate